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The game of Fast & Fatal is unique, fun and exciting game that can be played by 2 – 4 players from ages 8 and up. However, Fast & Fatal is especially target for late teens and/or inexperienced drivers.

You begin the game of Fast & Fatal in a vehicle of your choice, on a mountain road. Unfortunately, you are running late for a job interview (or another very important event) and arriving late could be detrimental to your employment prospects, with the possibility of the job being awarded to someone more punctual.

Getting to the destination, alive and on time, will require carefully choosing suitable speeds as you navigate this dangerous road. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs along the way, advising you of the safe cornering speeds. However, traveling at safe speeds may not be fast enough. Perhaps you can gain an advantage by navigating the corners a little faster or by exceeding the speed limit…

Ultimately, you are in full control of your speed and therefor responsible for the consequences of pushing the limits. Can you afford to pay the repair costs or fines? Can you afford to lose your license or your life?


To win Fast & Fatal you need to reach the end of the road with the more “Life Points” than the other players. Points are awarded at the end of the game based on your finishing position (1st or 2nd etc.) and the amount of remaining “FF Cash”. However, points will be subtracted for any demerit points gained.


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1 - Read Me First.txt 1 kB
Rule Book.pdf 2 MB
Game Board.pdf 1,017 kB
Car Statistic Cards.pdf 708 kB
Reference Cards.pdf 603 kB
Markers.pdf 477 kB
Player Speedometer.pdf 734 kB
FF Cash.pdf 752 kB
Hazard Cards.pdf 756 kB

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